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Disastrous earth quake of 8 October 2005 has changed entirely the life style and geographic distribution of the people of area. The cities are expanding rapidly due to the migration of the people from far flung mountainous areas to the surrounding of cities which has created greater economic activities. Reconstruction process is underway and there is great deficiency of skilled manpower in the area. The idea of establishing a technical college was intuitively clicked in mind on 30 April 2007 and it took no time for coming into practice by the grace of Allah. The Trends Setter College of TEVT Mansehra campus started in session 2007-08 with great success and remained at the top in its first result in KP Board of Technical Education. Muzaffarabad Campus was started in 2009 and has become a model TVET institute of the region. Oghi campus was started in 2012 and Balakot in 2014. TrendsSetterCollege of Education was started in 2011.

One of the several reasons why the developed countries became a technological leader in the 20th century was its development of an advanced system of technical education. The impact of technology on occupations, the tendency of employers to set higher educational requirements, and the need for employees with specialized training have made vocational & technical preparation imperative. Part-time programs are essential in order to provide occupational mobility among workers and to overcome the effects of job obsolescence. The scope of technical education is broad, ranging from occupations requiring little skill to those requiring a high degree of skill and scientific knowledge. Jobs requiring minimum training are not generally included in formal programs because the necessary skills can be readily learned on the job or through short training programs.

It is an astonishing fact that enrollment in technical / vocational education in our country is about four times lower than the developed countries. Further there is no link between skilled / semi-skilled (informally trained) masses, technical institutions, industry & market. Technical institutions may play a pivot role in establishing links between various elements so that a strong industrial culture may be developed to get country’s due share in the world market. To increase the enrollment in technician education, to produce skillful Pakistani manpower and to face the challenges of globalization, the Trends Setter College of TEVT has been established and DAE programs / Vocational Programs has been started in the technologies of high demand.