About Us - Trends College


Huge buildings on roads side outside the dense population in healthy environment with big lawn are available at present. The 1st and 2nd floors will triplicate the space in future.

Class Rooms:

Spacious class rooms are available equipped with tablet chairs, white boards and other teaching learning resources.

Labs / Workshops:

Practical and skill training will be given top priority. The well equipped labs and workshops with latest tools and machines will make us commendable. The following labs / workshops will be used for practical purpose.

  1. Computer Lab
  2. Physics / Chemistry Lab
  3. Basic Electrical / Wiring Shop
  4. Basic Telecom / Electronics Lab
  5. Advance Telecom / Electronics Lab
  6. Basic Civil Lab
  7. Advance Civil Lab
  8. Public health / Plumbing Lab
  9. Civil Surveying Lab
  10. Drafting / Drawing Lab
  11. General Engineering workshop
  12. Instrument / Power Lab


Text and reference books, journals, magazines and newspapers are available in college library which not only help in completing their course work but also enhances and polishes their skills.