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Distinguishing Features

Communication& Life Skills:

English and other languages will be taught during three year program of DAE. Special attention will be given to the communication skills, life skills and work etiquettes. Students will be trained to get employment abroad without any problem.

Career Counseling, Internship/ On Job Training (OJT) & Placement:

Students will be placed in industries during vacations for internship. Career Counseling and placement after completion of course will be the main feature of this college. Career Counseling & Placement Officer (CCPO) will be responsible for this purpose. He will be in contact with National & International Employment Agencies. He will develop the Directory of Employer.

Employer’s Directory & Tracer Study:

Career Counseling & Placement office of the college is developing Employer’s Directory and data of passed outs students will be compiled as tracer study for the planning of our present students. It will help us in making our future plans.

Entry Test Preparation:

A special attention will be given in teaching Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and English subjects of the F.Sc. level so that students interested in Engineering degree have no problem in getting higher scores in Entry Test.