About Us - Trends College
Rules and Regulations
    1. Students’ attendance is of utmost importance in class room / laboratory / workshop. A fine of Rs.10/- will be charged for willful absence. No one will be allowed to appear in annual examination of the board if his attendance is less than 75%.
    2. Wearing of uniform is compulsory. A fine of Rs.20/- will be charged from the defaulter.
    3. During practical training, all the students must be careful. Any damage to the equipment will be recovered from the defaulter.
    4. College is not responsible for any injury or damage to anybody during training. He should obey the safety precautions.
    5. Visitors are not allowed during college & study timings.
    6. No political activity is allowed in the college.
    7. Smoking & snuffing is prohibited at the college premises.
    8. Fire arms, knives and other weapons are not allowed either at the college or hostel.
    9. Boarders are not allowed to stay outside during night without prior permission of the warden.
    10. All students must have college Identity Card at all the times. A fine of Rs.100/- will be charged for issuing duplicate card.
    11. Identity Cards are to be returned on the completion of course. No document will be issued if the card is not returned.
    12. Monthly Tuition Fee is to be paid in advance latest by 7th day of each month. A fine of Rs.20/- will be added for each day and a student will be struck off if he fails to deposit fee in three consecutive months. He may be readmitted by charging readmission fee of Rs.2000/- (DAE) & Rs.1500/- (TSC) and fine.
    13. Payments once paid cannot be either transferred or refunded except security, if any.
    14. Fees will be received for full duration of the course irrespective it ends earlier or later.
    15. College has authority to execute all announced courses or abandoned some of them due to low enrollment or other reasons.
    16. College will be abiding by KP BTE, KP TTB, KP TEVTA and Government rules (for example NWFP Conduct & Discipline Regulations 1989) related to this college and students.